The FeMale Jazz Art - Duo

Swantje Lampert - tenor & soprano saxophone, melodica

Barbara Rektenwald - piano

According to the jazz magazine "Concerto", the strength of these two musicians is their light-hearted and effortless sound that enthralls the listener.

The magazine presents Swantje Lampert (saxophone, melodica) and Barbara Rektenwald (piano) as a perfect and shining example that jazz has ceased to be a male dominion. Their ability to tune into a wide range of music with incredible ease is greatly admired: jazz waltzes and ballads full of melody, breezy classical adaptations and loose wanderings into latin sounds are mixed into a melodic cocktail with a lot of flavour.



Swantje Lampert - tenor- & soprano saxophone

Swantje Lampert

Barbara Rektenwald -

Barbara Rektenwald