concertomagazin 03/14

The FeMale Jazz Art
Auf nach Spitzbergen

The album title can be misleading. The journey does not lead to the icy archipelago of Norway. On the contrary, the musical round-trip remains in warmer realms. Of course, Swantje Lampert (ss, ts, melodica) and Barbara Rektenwald (p) are the ones holding the rein within the band, setting the tone of the 15 songs; but Peter Strutzenberger (b) and Andy Winkler (dr, perc) are able to stand their ground when it comes to rhythm. The entertaining sound carrier has his charm, and jumps from genre to genre in a fresh manner, a quick handshake with various styles and regions of the most remote kind. In a carefree zigzag route, conventional Jazz, Klezmer, tango, waltz, classic, world, musette or latin are touched upon. No problem for the FeMale Jazz Art; honestly, the band knows its trade. In-between the aching "Old Ship" arrives, and the blues singer Betty Semper performs a poem written by the English poet Flecker, who will celebrate the 100 anniversary of his death in 2015. All 4 musicians contribute with witty, exotic and amusing compositions. Miss Lampert likes to take up the melodica, which adds an international flavour to the songs. The mixture of Arabic, African and European music is, for example, perfectly rendered in "Am Brunnenmarkt". An album, which can be listened to everywhere, again and again; it will never get on your nerves. Congratulations! A light diet, easy to "digest".

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