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concerto magazin 01/11

Two strong personalities that know how to make music with incredible ease:
With "Moods", Swantje Lampert (tenor saxophone) and Barbara Rektenwald (piano) have recently presented a competent and mature debut.
"I do not think there is a distinction in specific male and female jazz per se.
In our project however, we turn out our feminine side, by focusing especially on lyrical melodies and beautiful harmonies." the approach of The FeMale Jazz Art is described by Swantje Lampert.

What does that mean?
Jazz waltzes and ballads stressing melody, airy classical adaptations and casual latin feelings are mixed by Lampert and Rektenwald with a lot of flavor to a well-sounding cocktail. Why have they chosen a Hungarian Dance by Brahms or "Solveig's Song" by Grieg as templates?
"Well-known pieces, whether from classical or jazz, are mostly famous because they have good, catchy melodies. We find Brahms or Satie more exciting than recording the millionth version of 'Stella By Starlight'."
"For the sake of sound diversity", the two musicians have decided to expand their duo on some tracks with bass, drums and percussion.
Above all however, Lampert and Rektenwald impress as relaxed instrumentalists and stylish female composers.

Of these two ladies we will certainly hear a lot ... (schu) 

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