NOEN Week 41/2013

Taken on a grand journey:
High-class/ The FeMale Jazz Art took its audience across the entire world, far over the borders of Spitzbergen
At their concert in Drossendorf, the Female Jazz Art presented a diverse and very humorous program that impressed not only with the titling, but especially with the high-class performance.
For the seasonal opening of the JazzClub, the audience was taken on a journey, and there is lots to experience.
How, in "3 Arabs in Bad Goisern", an Arab moves across Austria or how an old creaking ship makes its way to Cyprus through the stormy sea in "Old Ship".
The music was melodious and had its best moments when the quartet opened itself up, as in "It takes two to Tango". Here styles were deliberately mixed and formed into a new and distinctive sound. Through the sue of melodica, carillon, cajon and the recitation of texts, new colors were created which developed into sound patterns. Swantje Lampert (saxophone), Barbara Rektenwald (piano), Karl Sayer (bass) and Andy Winkler (drums) impressed the audience as being relaxed instrumentalists, and every single one was able to leave his or her mark on the band with their own compositions.
In addition some works (such as "Fidelium") of classical composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach were borrowed, to create something new.
With the song "Farewell", the ensemble finished the imaginary journey across the world in spectacular fashion – accredited by the audience with much applause.

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